Swimming pool rules

OPENING HOURS    10 am - 7 pm

It is strictly forbidden to occupy the sun beds with towels when the owners are not present.

1. No one will be allowed in the swimming area unless the pool is officially open.
2. All the guests must clean their feet before entering the deck area and shower before entering the
3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the pool facilities. 
4. Non potty trained children HAVE TO WEAR swim pants / swim nappies in the water to
contain accidents. 
5. Children under 10 entering the swimming pool must be accompanied and cared (at poolside) by
responsible person 14 years old or older in bathing suit attire. Children under 6 need to have a
responsible person in the water with them and within arms reach. 
6. Pets are not permitted in the pool. Service animals are permitted in the pool.
7. Food, drinks and ice cream are not permitted in the pool facilities.
8. Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, drugs are not permitted in the pool.
9. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted in the pool or in the
surrounding area. 
10. No person within the pool grounds shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and
health of himself/herself  and others. Such behaviour, including abusive or profane language ,
shall be grounds for expulsion
11. Pool users must wear swimming suits or swimming trunks upon entry into the pool. Clothing
such as cut offs, gym shorts, and underwear and topless is not permitted. 
12. Any person having a skin disease, communicable disease or who is wearing any kind of
bandage or band aid will not be permitted in the pool
13. Running, boisterous or rough play, pushing, acrobatics, dunking, wrestling, splashing, yelling,
bringing radio and stereo diving or jumping, snapping of towels, improper conduct
causing undue disturbances in or about the pool area or any acts which would endanger any 
guests are prohibited. 
14. Toys, balls inner tubes, inflated boats and rafts are not permitted in the swimming pool. 
15. Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the pool complex for health and safety reasons. 
16. Single groups shall not monopolize a particular area of the pool and thereby limit its use by or
intimate other guests.  
17. Employees are the only persons allowed in the filter room.